Why Crown of Roses?

I am terrible with titles.  I struggled to come up with a title for this space.  I played around with a bunch of different things in my head, but none of them seemed right.  And then I stumbled upon a lovely (frightening?) pattern in my life that provided the answer.  Apparently I am obsessed with roses.  The obsession has been going on for a while, from what I can tell, only I just actually realized that it existed.


Here are the shoes I wore for my wedding.  Yes, I was wed in shoes adorned with pink roses.


And my wedding bouquet, full of pink cabbage roses and green hydrangeas, which I was massively in love with and wanted to last for all eternity.



I was thrilled to find out I was having a daughter, so I could adorn her room with roses.  I selected this bedding.



The curtains in our living room—yep, you guessed it.  Full of roses.  I didn’t even bother to photograph the throw pillows.  Because I figured y’all are able to use your imaginations.  Yes, they have roses, too.



And if that weren’t overkill enough—because who can have too many roses, right?—the quilt on our bed has them.


As well as the fabric on my bedside table.



Lest you think I merely festoon our house with roses, let me assuage your worries and assure you that I also clothe myself in them.  No, it’s not the most professional attire.  Good thing I don’t have to leave my home to work and my “office” is my kitchen table and often the floor of the nursery.  It’s kind of scary how much I love this top.



And what did I insist needed to be planted in our front garden?  Pink roses, of course!  How I didn’t catch on to the rose phenomenon in my life until recently I will never know.  It appears to be some kind of sickness.




And then I realized that my love for roses and my devotion to the Blessed Mother are linked!  I have had a deep love for Mary since I was just a little girl.


Then I stumbled upon the Chesterton quote.

A crown of roses is also a crown of thorns.

Mary and Jesus.  It covers them both.  The Annunciation and the Crucifixion.  And the rose dies in winter but blooms again in spring.  The Resurrection.

I loved the image of the rose being both beautiful and painful, bringing joy as well as sorrow, so much like life.  And so it was an easy decision.

Linking with Kelly for Seven Quick Takes Friday.

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